Commercial businesses are usually situated in prime locations and need to be maintained and upgraded to be attractive and appeal to customers for better selling power. McCarthy Construction is experienced in the renovation and refurbishment of existing commercial buildings, to encourage existing businesses to stay and help attract new tenants.


McCarthy Construction is experienced in the rehabilitation of commercial properties through repair, alterations and additions while preserving those portions or features which convey historical, cultural, or architectural values.


We deliver on our clients’ goal and vision of creating high-performance sustainable buildings that are less costly to operate (energy efficient), increase building adaptability, value, last longer and contribute to a better, healthier, more comfortable environment for people to live and work.


We are proud of our reputation of being a valued and trusted construction partner.  This is built by ensuring there are strong communications in place, a key requirement especially for more complex projects – we know from the start, detailed plans and the outcomes you expect to ensure we meet and often exceed your expectations. 


This is also achieved by good teamwork – with you, your client as appropriate and the other trades people, working together, so there are open discussions with all parties involved. We all know what we respectively need to do and achieve. 


No matter how complex the project, the specialist finish or materials required, we have the necessary expertise and skills.  We will make the necessary effort to adhere to the finest finish – our workmanship and attention to detail is second to none.


We work on projects in our own right – not as a subcontracted company – so you can be assured you receive our commitment and attention to complete the works, to quickly react and respond to any unforeseen issues or requests that arise.


In this respect we see reliability and flexibility as another important aspect of our service – delivering speed in response, should you need to switch tasks or rearrange the plan of works to incorporate client changes into the set time frame, with the least amount of delay.  This enables you to improve various parts of the project as and when the need arises.

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