Protecting the planet for future generations is an important issue for McCarthy Construction. We conduct our business in such a way as to prevent pollution.  To minimise as far as is appropriate the adverse impact of the environment on our activities by continually improving our performance and complying with all applicable environmental legislation.


Today, demand for sustainable homes and dwellings is not just demonstrating a commitment to protect the environment, it is been driven by regulation, designed to improve buildings and their infrastructure.It is documented that buildings consume 20 – 50% of the physical resources, according to their environment and once built, continue to pollute the environment due to the emissions they produce. The building trade consumes natural resources such as minerals, wood, water and energy.


John McCarthy advises “we take into account the use of natural resources, energy and their impact on the environment by ensuring on all projects we use sustainable materials, and where possible we ensure zero wastage, resulting in the minimum impact on the environment”.


McCarthy Construction understands how important innovative thinking is when it comes to building new houses and renovations with sustainability in front of mind, to include reducing energy consumption and pollution and conserve water.


It works in collaboration with architects to consider the environmental impacts by understanding the landscape and energy management in the planning and construction stages.  In many cases, the visuals of a home or commercial building is improved when the natural world has been integrated.



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